History of the Legendary 6666 Ranch

The 6666 is one of the most iconic ranches in the United States.

Known for its rich history, legendary quarter horses, and superior angus cattle, the story of the ranch is as vast as the area it occupies. Established in 1870, it has been a part of Texas’s landscape and culture for more than 150 years.

From cowboys to celebrities, the 6666 Ranch has been an important symbol of Texas.  Join us as we take a journey through time and discover this iconic piece of Americana.

History Of  the 6666 Ranch

Founded in 1870, the 6666 is one of the oldest ranches in existence.  The ranch has been built on the land Capitan Samuel Burk Burnett bought from the Louisville Land and Cattle Company.  The name of the ranch has been a constant source of rumors and misinformation as the tales state that he won the ranch in a poker game after drawing a hand of 6666.  The actual name derives from 100 head of cattle that the Capitan purchased from Frank Crowley of Denton, Texas. Those cattle were branded with the famous 6666, which the ranch is using to this day.

After Burnett’s death in 1922, the ranch was managed by two trustees appointed by Samuel until it was inherited by his great-granddaughter, Anne Windfohr Marion in 1980. Called “Miss Anne” and raised and schooled in the East, she made the 6666 a part of her heritage. She was well known for her knowledge of cattle and horses.
Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion, although not even born yet, was named in Capitan Samuel Burnett’s will as the person to inherit the ranch. She became the quintessential part of the legacy and success of the ranch. She passed away in 2020, leaving the memory of her dedication to the ranch and the people managing it. 

Recently the ranch was listed for sale in accordance with the will of Anne Burnett Marion. In 2021, a buyer group represented by screenwriter Taylor Sheridan purchased the ranch. The transaction is considered one of the most significant ranch purchases in recent U.S. history.

6666 Ranch location and size

The 6666 Ranch (Four Sixes) is comprised of three separate divisions totaling over 266,000 acres. The three locations that make up the 6666’s operation include the ranch in Guthrie, Texas, which includes 142,372 acres in King County, the Dixon Creek ranch in Carson and Hutchison counties with 114,455 acres, and the Frisco Creek ranch with 9,428 acres in Sherman County.


Best known for its legacy of breeding horses and outstanding quality Angus cattle, the ranch continues its operations. Per Anne Burnett Marion’s will, the ranch has been sold to a group of buyers that vowed to preserve its integrity and is committed to continuing the legacy. 

We are expecting the public to get a peek into the real cowboy life at the ranch with the release of Yelowstone’s spinoff show set at the 6666 Ranch. And although the official premiere date has not been released, we are hoping it will make its debut soon on the Paramount Network. 



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