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Western Dude Ranches

Western Dude Ranches

When you think of the American West you envision cowboys, wide open spaces, untouched land, and the dude ranch lifestyle. The Western dude ranch has

LBJ Ranch – Gillespie County, TX – Lyndon Johnson

The Western Ranches of U.S. Presidents

The lure of the West is cemented in stories of perpetual hope, oil booms and gold rushes, and endless open space getting pinched at the horizon. Read how presidential retreats bolstered America’s love of rural ranchlands.

List of the Largest Ranches in the USA

List of the Largest Ranches in the USA

By definition, a farm is a piece of property that is used for growing crops and a ranch is a large piece of property that is used to raise livestock such as sheep and cattle. The below list features the largest and most recognized ranches in the nation with over 500,000 acres of land.

How the Show Yellowstone is Changing Montana's Real Estate

How Paramount’s Show Yellowstone is Changing Montana’s Real Estate

“Yellowstone” swept the entire nation and allowed the viewers to immerse themselves in the realities of the Wild West living. Filmed largely in the state of Montana, the show offers a glimpse of real ranch living and the views, nature, and raw beauty of the landscapes that only Montana can offer.

A field of grass and cows

What Does it Mean to Live Off the Land?

The phrase living off the land means many different things to many people. Its meaning is as varied as the land itself. For some, living off the land may be as simple as eating locally; for some, it means existing off only the supplies available from the land.

elk in colorado field

Best Places to Hunt in Colorado

Colorado is truly a sportsman’s paradise with a diverse landscape and bountiful game; however, it can be challenging to find the best spots with so many places to hunt.

cattle in field

Ranching Opportunities in Oklahoma

Ranching opportunities in Oklahoma is are comparatively new compared to other states in the nation but the state has a rich history of raising cattle.

Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Montana Ranch

Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Montana Ranch

Montana covers an area of 147,040 square miles and it is the fourth-largest state in the United States. Known for its wide-open spaces and multitude of outdoor and recreational activities, you will find many ways to enjoy the ranch life.

Why Colorado is the Best State to Own a Ranch

Why Colorado is the Best State to Own a Ranch

From breathtaking views to the growing cattle industry, owning a ranch in Colorado has many benefits. Each part of the state offers a different terrain supporting various agricultural, farming, and recreational efforts.

Whitetail Deer - Hunting Ranches in Polk County, TX

Hunting Ranches in Polk County, Texas

Hunting and Recreation Opportunities in Polk County, Texas Polk County, nestled on the Trinity River’s eastern bank, contains many hardwood forests, rivers, and streams,  plenty

Ranching in Missouri

Ranching in Missouri

Farming and ranching have always been a way of life in Missouri. Cattle ranches date back to the pre-civil war era, which helped to get

Historic Nebraska Ranch

Historic Nebraska Ranch Sells for $13 Million

A highly reputable ranch recently sold in the Sandhills area in Nebraska for $13 million. The ranch featured 19,000 acres (17,000 deeded), seven lakes, trophy hunting opportunities and highway frontage.

horses running

Our Picks for Best Ranching Horses

If you’re looking to add horses to your ranch operation, or want to know more about horse breeds that could benefit your business, look no further.

Girl on a hose - how to make extra money on a ranch

How to Make Extra Money on a Ranch

It’s no secret that most ranchers don’t get into the business to get rich. They enjoy working with livestock, riding horses, hunting and/or just living the country life.