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How to Make Extra Money on a Ranch

It’s no secret that most ranchers don’t get into the business to get rich.

They enjoy working with livestock, riding horses, hunting and/or just living the country life. However, there are many ways to make your ranching operation more lucrative.

Maximize opportunities with livestock

Improving things like grazing practices can allow you to double your carrying capacity and stocking rate. You can also reduce the expenses for calving if you do it in sync with nature. Lowering the amount of fed feed and relying mostly on grazed feed will also save you big money.

Offer riding lessons and/or boarding for horses

If you have the space, consider offering boarding services for community members or, if you already raise horses, offer riding lessons or even training opportunities at a cost.

Lease your ranch land

Hunters are always looking for land to hunt on. If you have a location that big bucks, ducks, quail and other wildlife like to inhabit, consider leasing part of your land to a hunter. If you have farmland you’re not using, you can also lease it out to a local farmer. They take care of the crops and you get paid. It’s a win-win.

Offer seasonal activities to the public

Open your ranch up for holiday or seasonal activities like a corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay ride, tree lighting and more. Not only can you charge for admission, but you can invite local vendors to set up booths for a small cost.

Grow and sell produce

Get your gardening tools ready. Growing fruits and vegetables can not only provide you and your family with fresh food for the dinner table, but you can also make some extra cash selling the goods at a local farmers market.

Incorporating one or multiple of these income opportunities will help you make a higher profit for your ranch. If you’re interested in buying ranchland or selling your current operation, we have a professional steering committee of ranch experts all over the United States ready to help you with every aspect of the process. Visit to find a steering committee member near you.



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