Hunting & Recreational Ranch For Sale | Val Verde County, TX


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Hunting & Recreational Ranch For Sale | Val Verde County, TX

Welcome to the Desert Oasis Hunting and Cattle Ranch in west Texas which is located just west of the Pandale crossing near the Pecos River in Val Verde county. This ranch has been in one family for generations.  It has been well managed and ranched for the duration of the family’s ownership.  This ranch’s best and highest use is hunting and recreation.  It has been surveyed and consists of 2 pastures and 2 traps with water in each for wildlife and livestock alike.  There is electricity on many parts of the ranch bringing power to the wells and the residences.  The ranch has great access from Fielder Draw road, which is a well-maintained county road.  The road system across the entire ranch is good.  You can access just about any part of the ranch in a pickup.

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The county road goes through the middle of the ranch and out the west side.  The county road also has a landing strip on it just east of this ranch.  The topography is diverse, attracting many species of wildlife. The elevation change is not too drastic and has a gentle slope from draws that run when it rains to outcroppings of rock and caves up in the canyons.  There is about a 60′ difference between the draws and the hilltops.  In the draws the elevation is about 1980′ and up on the rock hills, it is approximately 2040′.  So far this year, there have been 6 mountain lions killed on the ranch.  Other wildlife includes black bears, bobcats, coyotes, javelina hogs, bobwhite and blue quail, whitetail deer, mule deer, and plenty of varmints.

Val Verde County, TX Hunting & Recreational Land For Sale

The ranch capacity is greater than expected with the amount of browse and grasses produced.  Historically it has supported one animal unit per 35 acres.  There are two sets of pens and the water lots have traps around them to make gathering livestock easy. The fences are also good as they keep sheep and cows inside. Many varieties of browse and grasses grow here.  In the draws, there are many mature live oaks and thick, strong grasses such as side oats grama.  There are also very good weeds such as tallow weed among other healthy weeds.  In the flats are many varieties of browse such as Sage, Elbow bush, Acacia, Algerita, Mesquite, Persimmon, and more.  Desert ornamentals include Ocotillo, Sotol, Yucca, Spanish Dagger, Guajillo, and Barrel cactus. There are several dirt tanks on the ranch and a swimming tank with shade near the main house which is stocked with perch.  Several outbuildings and a workshop accompany the main headquarters along with a large set of pens.  The main house is spacious and comfortable.  It has beautiful saltillo tile, a fenced yard with shade trees, and large rooms.  The main ranch house sleeps 15 plus people and the hunter’s cabin will sleep 10 people.  Most furniture and appliances will stay with the homes.

Broad tops with big valleys create a combination of easily accessible gentle land with deeper soil and the limestone bluffs, rim country, steep hills, and canyon heads creating a diversity of habitats and landforms. This is a working ranch with exceptional hunting. It’s also loaded with canyons, mountains, caves, and excellent vegetation cover making this an explorer’s dream. It has been well managed for decades and is known for its combination of native grass, shrubs, and trees.  This is the Western Edwards Plateau transitioning into the Chihuahuan Desert, a convergence of two biologically distinct eco-regions in Texas. The ranch is the perfect combination of topography, vegetation, accessibility, scenery, history, and romance.

From yucca and sotol to hackberry and mesquite woodlands, to persimmon and juniper, the ranch represents a crossroads of diverse habitats. The property’s browse and grasslands are in great condition, a result of responsible grazing methods. Native grasses, forbs, browse, brush, cacti and trees not only provide excellent habitat for game species such as deer, turkey, quail, and dove, but also for non-game species such as Texas horned lizard, neotropical songbirds, fox, ringtail cat, lions, bears, and many other animals. Mule deer and whitetail deer populations on the Ranch are good. Wing shooting opportunities for blue quail and mourning dove are also good. The ranch is divided into upper mesa land and lower valley/canyon land. There are 2 wells below the rim with submersibles and electricity. The water is shallow, accessible, prolific, and is high quality, being part of the Edwards-Trinity or Plateau Aquifer.

This is a fun recreational ranch that offers something for everyone.  Explore the rock cliffs and caves for Indian artifacts, visit Pandale crossing and kayak the Pecos which is just minutes away, go mountain lion hunting, deer hunting, or night calling, go boating and trophy fishing on Lake Amistad.  Enjoy the peace, beauty, and quiet of the west Texas desert.


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Hunting & Recreational Ranch For Sale | Val Verde County, TX


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