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2,587 ACRES
Phillips COUNTY
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Dodson Creek Ranch for Sale

The Dodson Creek Ranch located in Dodson, Montana was operated by its founding family for more than 100 years.  The Dodson Creek ranch is rich in local history and is one of the originating members and developers of the Dodson and Phillips County’s Irrigation System.  The family also donated a portion of land from the ranch to Phillips County that has been the host to the Phillips County Fair for the past 100+ years.

The property consists of 2,523.21+/- Deeded Acres. The ranch has been allotted 259+/- acres of ditch rights associated with the North Dodson Irrigation System and are typically allowed two to three irrigations per year. Hay production has not been part of the ranch operation for years.   The irrigated acres have been utilized for grazing purposes.  The remaining deeded acres consist of native range land.

Water on this ranch is typically plentiful throughout. With the Dodson Creek running the length of the ranch, water pockets in the creek will typically hold water.  There is a large dam on the north end of the property and another on the south, with a well located halfway up the Dodson creek service by a solar pump.  There is also a 400 gallon per minute well located on the south end of the property on the edge of the irrigated acreage that has not been utilized.

The improvements consist of two mobile homes, calving shed, hip roof barn, shop, equipment shed, and a set of working corrals and 4 large pens that could possibly be converted and utilized as a feedlot.   All water to improvements comes from Dodson city water system.

The local area has an average of 15” to 19” of precipitation a year, with an elevation of 4266’.



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