Premier Cattle Ranch in Lea County, NM – Amazing 25,000 Acres!


25,000 ACRES
LISTING # 30067-00002

Cattle Ranch in Lea County, New Mexico for Sale

Nestled in the heart of New Mexico, this 25,000-acre± premier working cattle ranch in Lea County stands as a testament to the rich heritage of ranching in the American Southwest. Boasting exceptional facilities designed for efficient cattle operations, the ranch combines tradition with modern functionality. From well-equipped corrals to strategically positioned barns, every aspect of this property is meticulously crafted to support the daily workings of a thriving cattle operation. The ranch’s commitment to quality extends beyond its operational prowess, providing a comfortable and inviting home at its core.

The ranch features a residence that harmoniously blends comfort and functionality, offering a refuge for those deeply connected to the land and its operations. With a touch of rustic charm, the home reflects the authentic ranch lifestyle while providing a retreat from the demands of daily ranching. This premier working cow ranch not only exemplifies the enduring spirit of the American West but also offers a haven for those seeking a seamless integration of work and home in the heart of New Mexico.

About the Area

Life in Lea County, NM, is characterized by the vast expanse of the southeastern New Mexico landscape, where rugged beauty meets the resilience of its communities. With a blend of agriculture and oil and gas industries, the region thrives on a unique combination of rural charm and economic vitality.

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Born and bred in San Jon, Scott has spent the last 25 years tending to a herd of around 100 cows, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to agriculture in the Elida area. Over two decades ago, he founded a trucking company, initially to support the family farming venture, which then expanded into successful cattle transport. His 23-year journey in auctioneering with Bill Johnston Auctioneers has taken him to various stages, where he generously lends his skills to support youth, charities, and fundraising events. In addition to his agricultural endeavors, Scott has contributed to his community through public service. He served as a Roosevelt County Commissioner for four years and dedicated over two decades to the Elida Municipal School board. Fourteen years ago, he ventured into real estate, enhancing his ability to serve the community in new ways. Scott Burton stands as a pillar of strength, dedication, and community commitment in Eastern New Mexico, making a lasting and positive impact in every endeavor he undertakes.

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