Outstanding Banner Ranch in Dryden, TX For Sale – 3,700 Acres


3,700 ACRES
Terrell COUNTY
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Banner Ranch in Dryden, TX

The Banner Ranch in Dryden, TX has been family owned and operated for over 100 years. The ranch is located east of HWY 349, approximately 25 miles south of Sheffield and 25 miles northeast of Dryden. The east boundary of the ranch lies where the Pecos River divides Terrell and Crockett Counties at the eastern end of the Trans Pecos geographic region. The ranch headquarters can be found below a beautiful bluff just south of where Geddis Canyon meets the Pecos River.


Well known as one of Terrell County’s proudest features, Banner Ranch boasts 2 springs and nearly 1.3 miles of river frontage. Because the ranch is south of Independence Creek and other springs that feed into the river, the water is pure and clean. The Banner Ranch truly is an oasis.  The main spring flows at a steady 2,000 gallons per minute and has never been known to weaken under drought conditions.

Water continuously flows from the spring into a beautiful historic reservoir built by men using mule teams and a mule drawn grader.  Drainage pipes are in place from the reservoir to provide irrigation to approximately 18 acres of farmland that have been used to grow Alfalfa. Livestock production and hunting continue to be commonly held practices on the ranch.

Habitat & Terrain

Unique with 3 sources of live water, the ranch has stands of exquisite Live Oak trees. Varieties of gramma grass can be found on the ranch, as well as desert plants such as Ocotillo, Lechuguilla, and Spanish Dagger. Texas Mountain Laurel is a popular evergreen that is abundant on the hill tops. The landscape is diverse and includes river bottom, canyons, headers, bluffs, and narrow mesas.


The geographic location of Banner Ranch provides many common Trans-Pecos wildlife species such as desert mule deer, white-tailed deer, mourning dove, Rio Grande turkey, grey fox, bobcats, and mountain lion. An occasional group of aoudad sheep can be found. The invaluable live water provides residency for many largemouth bass, catfish, and perch.


Above the reservoir and beyond a large stand of gorgeous Pecan trees is the ranch house. The 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom home is approximately 3,000 sq ft.  Below the house is a large working shop. Next to the shop is a good set of livestock processing pens, holding pens, and an arena. There are 3 functioning water wells on the ranch, two storage tanks, and many water troughs.

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Outstanding Banner Ranch in Dryden, TX For Sale – 3,700 Acres


Brazos Peacock