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Teddy recently moved from the farming lifestyle of SW Iowa, but is not a newcomer to the western slope. Teddy visited Colorado many times over the years on hunting trips and summer vacations prior to becoming a resident. His 10 yrs in Iowa and Missouri were spent selling ranches, row crop farms, recreational hunting properties, and homes on acreage. Through his personal experience in farming, Teddy gained intimate knowledge of soil types, herbicide application and cutting-edge farming techniques including no-till and cover crops. Teddy also gained valuable experience in programs available to farmers through the NRCS and FSA. His navigation through these programs was extensive, not only the enrollment but also the direct management, implementation, running the equipment and personally planting crops.

Teddy’s love for wildlife branched not only into property management for clients wanting to grow and harvest world class white-tailed deer, but he also partnered  with Pheasants Forever and Private Lands Biologists to restore and improve pheasant habitat that’s been threatened from large scale farming. In winter Teddy evaluated timber and worked in some heavy forested areas under Equip and Reap programs under Timber Stand Improvement (T.S.I.).  In 2015, Teddy Berger was nominated for the Woodland Stewardship of the Year Award for quality of work.

Outside of selling real estate in Colorado, Teddy also plans to use his wildlife management skills to help farmers and ranchers develop their property for wildlife. Teddy currently sits on the board for the Shavano Soil and Water Conservation District for Montrose.  He holds a B.A. degree in sales and marketing from Kennesaw State University as well as a professional dog training and animal behavior degree from the prestigious Tom Rose School in St. Louis, MO where he learned to train Schutzhund, Narcotics K-9 and other police working dogs.



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