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Patti Kiehl

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Patti Kiehl

Meet Patti Kiehl, an experienced Sales Associate deeply connected to the land and the people of this beautiful state. With a rich background and a passion for the outdoors, Patti is your dedicated guide to finding your perfect Montana property.
Patti Kiehl’s roots run deep in Petroleum County, where she was both born and raised. As a 1985 graduate of Winnett High School, Patti’s local knowledge is unparalleled. Her understanding of the community, its history, and its unique offerings make her an invaluable asset in your real estate journey.
A Life of Commitment and Ranching Heritage
Patti’s commitment is evident not only in her successful real estate career but also in her dedication to the Kiehl family ranch for over two decades. Married for 38 years, Patti and her family take pride in their ranch’s thriving cattle and sheep operations. Their hands-on involvement spans generations and is a testament to their deep ranching heritage.
At the heart of the Kiehl family ranch lies an innovative outfitting business—Flat Willow Creek Outfitters. With a keen focus on game management, Patti and her family have cultivated a successful enterprise that respects Montana’s wildlife and landscapes. This commitment to responsible land stewardship extends to raising their own feed on the irrigated section of the ranch.
Decades of Real Estate Excellence
With a career spanning back to 1999, Patti Kiehl has been an integral part of countless real estate journeys. Her deep understanding of Montana’s market trends and her connection to the local community provide clients with unparalleled insights and guidance.
Patti’s love for the outdoors, combined with her passion for real estate, creates a unique synergy that benefits her clients. Whether you’re seeking a sprawling ranch, a cozy home, or a picturesque piece of land, Patti’s commitment to finding your Montana dream shines through.
Partner with Patti Kiehl for Your Montana Real Estate Needs
When you choose Patti Kiehl as your Sales Associate, you’re not just gaining a real estate professional—you’re partnering with a Montana insider who understands the essence of the state’s landscapes, culture, and opportunities.
Are you ready to embark on your Montana real estate journey? Contact Patti Kiehl today.
Serves the areas of: Lewistown, Winnet, Grass Range, Jordan, Sand Springs, Melstone


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