Daniel Drees


I fell in love with the local area while camping and floating here as a child. The local area’s beauty, natural wonders, and its friendly people inspired me to get a degree in Wildlife Management and learn everything I could about the Ozarks. During my long career in the Ozarks I steadily worked my way closer to the Current River. Along that route I was a naturalist for Missouri State Parks, a wildlife biologist for the MO. Dept. of Conservation in Eminence, and I am currently an ecologist for the National Park Service. My wife Susan and I enjoy our Blooming Paradise Farm on Little Shawnee Creek, where we still love learning everything we can about nature and our area’s cultural history.

This passion for the land and its people led me to join the Eminence United Country team. My advanced skills at mapmaking, locating property boundaries, and my experience at turning dreams of rural living into happy reality can bring sellers and buyers together to enjoy what others only dream about. I specialize in land outside the city limits, in both Shannon and Reynolds counties. Please contact me to assist you in evaluating the potential of any rural property.


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