Brett Gingery


Brett is a fourth generation resident of Grand County. His ramblings make his knowledge of Middle Park and the surrounding areas of Winter Park, Granby, Fraser and Grand Lake rarely rivaled. He specializes in residential ski condos, vacant land sales, timberland, large ranches and farms. Growing up with the influence of his parents real estate business, Brett has learned a great deal about the importance of honest, quality business dealings.

Upon entering the workforce, Brett developed several business interests that never required marketing or advertising, word of mouth has propagated his businesses. His father Allen always told him that “If you do good work you will never have to go looking for it.” This is how Brett has modeled his business dealings ever since! Before venturing into Real Estate, Brett built log homes, worked for the UW meat sciences lab, found success in the forestry business, excavated roads/foundations/septic systems, undertook river enhancements on the Fraser and Colorado rivers as well as several pond rehab jobs, intrastate trucking, outfitting, research and design of mountain snowmobiles for Ski-Doo, organizing estate auctions for Cookie Lockhartt, and volunteering for the Shining Stars Foundation whenever time allowed.

He intensely enjoys self-sustainability in the form of greenhouse gardening, raising food animals, wine making, mycology, and is acquiring beehives every year with plans on having 1000+ within a short time. It is Brett’s varied interests, obscure occupations, and understanding of life in the high Rockies that make him the perfect agent to determine and find your ideal lifestyle property or to maximize the selling points that you may not even realize that your property possess!



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